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Michael Winslow (Winter Garden, Florida)
Michael was born in 1958 on Fairchild Air force Base. His mom tells stories about when he was young he would imitate the airplane noises, jet engines, basically anything that made a sound he copied with sounds that came out of his mouth…there was never a dull moment!
After graduating High School and a short-lived college, he had his first professional performance at a club/theater in Boulder, Colorado named Tulagi’s. This was very exciting for him because Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, Tommy Bolin and other famous bands played there.
He later performed in several local comedy clubs in Los Angeles. At this point in time, Bud Friedman, believed in him and featured in him in the famous EVENING AT THE IMPROV.
In 1984 he finally got his big opportunity when he was discovered by Director, Hugh Wilson and producer Paul Manslanski, who came to see him perform at Long Beach Theater were he was opening for the incomparable Count Basie & his Orchestra.

Needless to say, Wilson and Manslanski were blown away! They immediately wrote him into the script of the unforgettable “Police Academy I through VII” As soon as this movie came out and it became an instant success so did Michael! His celebrity status was in place. He then went to play a part in Mel Brooks “Spaceballs”. This film helped in furthering his spotlight as a unique comedienne. Michael was also heard, but not seen, when he gave the voice to Stripe, the evil little creature, in another Hit Movie “Gremlins”.
He also did voice-overs for Disney and Universal Studios in such rides as “Back to the Future and Terminator”.
Currently you can also hear him in the Television Hits “Robo Chicken and Family Guy” You cannot miss him on those great “Geico” commercials and in the spring of 2008 he graced the red carpet premiere of National Lampoons Robo Doc.
Michael, a master of vocal gymnastics, can imitate “over 1000 sound effects” using his voice alone. Whether he is recreating the frenzy of Jimmy Hendrix playing the guitar, or the roar of a jet plane, his talent is truly remarkable and his versatility admirable and enjoyable for all ages.
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Kenny 'The Human Orchestra' Muhammad (Queens, New York)
Kenny Muhammad – The Human Orchestra – has put an entirely new twist on the art of beatboxing. His ‘wind’ & ‘water technique’ have become key routines in the beatbox world. He defines the human body as the first instrument and through the manipulation of his own body summons Afro Cuban, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Salsa, House, Techno, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Trance, and Hip Hop rhythms from the depths of his soul to create music.
Even after a near death experience in which his left lung was punctured in a car accident, Kenny was still able to continue to master his craft on a much higher level. He has performed across Africa, Japan, Europe, and throughout the United States. He has shared the stage with Public Enemy, Mindless Self Indulgence, Matisyahu, Squarepusher, The X-ecutioners, Regina Bell, The Gap Band, Maxwell, Angie Stone, Stevie Wonder, Vernon Reid, and Take 6.
In addition to his work with Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz artists, Kenny's repertoire includes performances with The New York Symphony Orchestra at Manhattan Center conducted by David Eaton, and The King Sey Jung Hall in Seoul Korea with violinist Eugene Park. He has appeared on CBS This Morning, Good Day New York at Carnegie Hall, and was a three-time consecutive winner on Showtime At The Apollo. Variety Magazine touted Kenny as the James Brown version of Bobby McFerrin.
The Human Orchestra has also been seen and heard in several nationwide television and radio commercials, all of which he wrote and created. Kenny has performed on Much Music, MTV2 and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
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Antoinette ‘Butterscotch’ Clinton (Davis, California)
Butterscotch is an internationally recognized beatbox artist seen on NBC's number one hit show of the summer "America's Got Talent" as one of the finalists. Before her claim to fame, in September of 2005 she battled for the First International World Female Beatbox Champion title in Leipzig, Germany competing with beatboxers from all over the world.
Butterscotch is a singer/songwriter/musician who incorporates beatboxing into her compositions along with instruments she plays such as the piano, flute, saxophone, bass, guitar and performs regularly at shows all over the country. She is heavily influenced by jazz, classical, hip hop and R&B artists ranging from Frederick Chopin to John Coltrane to Stevie Wonder.
After high school she was accepted into the music program at California State University Sacramento as a Classical Piano Major but now is solely focusing on her music career outside of school.
Butterscotch now resides in LA and has released a series of EP's called “The Scotch Tapes." When she is not touring the world, she gives back to the community by teaching beatbox workshops at various colleges, high schools and elementary schools and continues to live her dream of touching the world with her music.
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Damon 'Kool Rock Ski' Wimbley (Queens, New York)
Damon Wimbley, best known as Kool Rock Ski and one-third of the original Fat Boys, is the ‘dominating MC’ ... ‘The Rock Man’ can be found in the gym where he works hard to stay slim and trim; weighing in at 185 pounds, Kool Rock is serious about his weight.
Kool Rock was excited to work with Chris Rock at the MTV Music Awards. Delighted to be in front of the camera as much as he is to be on the mic, Kool Rock is focused on his return to what he does best and is looking forward to his TV show.
Currently residing in New York, Kool Rock can be found working in the studio with Eric B. of Eric B. and Rakim, where he brings over two decades of hip-hop experience to the Uncle Louie Management Production Team.
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Pete 'ThePETEBOX' Sampson (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Not only is ThePETEBOX one of the world's finest human beatboxers, he has – in the tradition of beatboxers like Kid Beyond – spent the past years perfecting his craft and is using his beatbox skills to create music. His live show is more than that of a full band, creating fully crafted songs as well as demonstrating his world class beatbox skills. Creating each layer of his tracks live using a loop pedal THePETEBOX's shows lead the audience through a journey of real time music production which builds up and delivers a full frequency spectrum of sound, from deep bass, to high pitched trumpets, to multiple vocal harmonies – all made with his mouth!
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Greg Pattillo (Brooklyn, New York)
As an internationally acclaimed performer, educator and clinician, Greg can be found both on the concert stage and on the streets, subways and parks, sharing and preaching his sound. After earning his masters degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music, Greg found work as the acting principal flute of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, and became a founding member of the Collaborative Arts Insurgency and the 16th and Mission Thursday night gathering for performers in San Francisco.
Recognized throughout the world for his redefinition of flute sound, Greg Patillo was lauded by The New York Times as “the best person in the world at what he does.” His groundbreaking performance videos on Youtube, showcasing "beatbox flute," have been viewed more than 40 million times.
Greg currently champions his style of music with his full time group, the PROJECT Trio, a chamber music ensemble comprised of flute, cello and the double bass.
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Isabel 'Bellatrix' Ehresmann (London, UK)
In May 2009 Bellatrix was delighted to win first place in the official BBN Beatbox World Championships (female category).Based in London/Bristol Bellatrix is the UK's leading female beatbox artist since 2004, and one of few performing beatbox girls worldwide. A talented jazz double bassist, Bellatrix is a pioneering beatboxer who works with instrumentalists as well as live looping and playing bass whilst beatboxing. In 2007 she founded the UK's first all-girl beatbox crew The Boxettes.
It turns out that she has a distinctive singing voice and a whole load of kookie kaleidoscopic songs that nobody has ever heard before. Now focusing on developing her solo artistry, Bellatrix is using live looping with her voice, bass and synth to conjure images of an abstract world drenched in sounds you can taste, and everything it is to be human.
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Senjka 'Roxorloops' Danhieux (Belgium)
“In 2002 I came up with a nickname, cause every other beatboxer had one. Roxor = he who rocks ; Loops = repeating cycles... At that time I made mistakes in my beatbox paterns, but looped them to make it sound like I ment to do it. After a while I was known in the beatboxworld as RoxorLoops...”
In 2005 Roxorloops he gained second place at the 1st International Beatbox Championship in Berlin, Germany. He is one of Europe’s best vocal drummers and has been working hard to developed his own beatbox style. He is also the running an informative website for the strong Belgian beatbox community.
In 2011 he was beatboxer of the Vocal Group "Witloof Bay" who represented Belgium with their song "With love Baby" at the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany.
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Gavin Tyte (United Kingdom)
Gavin Tyte (aka TyTe) is a pioneer beatboxer and educator from the United Kingdom and is probably the only beatboxing vicar, too. In conjunction with HUMANBEATBOX.COM, Gavin produced the world's first audio and video beatboxing tutorials, which have been an enormous help for upcoming beatboxers from all over the world. He is one of the initiators of the first international Beatbox Conventions in 2003. He has performed all over the United Kingdom and regularly judges the UK Beatboxing Championships.
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George 'YoYoBeats' De Hoyos (Bronx, New York)
Although YoYoBeats was born in Manhattan he is of Puerto Rican descent. After living for some years in an apartment on Clay Avenue, Bronx the living conditions became so bad in the early 1970s that his parents decided to move back to the island of Puerto Rico in Bayamon. YoYoBeats did not return to New York until the early 1980s.
In his youth YoYoBeats was influenced by the artists like Bo Diddley, and the Styles of Billy Stewart singing “Summer time”.
Independently YoyoBeats developed his own style of beatboxing by emulating baselines and snares from the Chic’s hit single “Good Times”. In the following years he became very popular by imitating other Disco music tracks in junior High School in the sector of Rexville Bayamon.
As a part of Combination Force crew, which was the first group to introduce Hip Hop in the some areas on the Island of Puerto Rico. In the mid 1980s YoYoBeats began performing in Puerto Rico with Lisa, Lisa Cult Jam and Nolan Thomas and appeared on some Spanish channels like Juventud 84 Channel 2 with the Ita Medina Dancers, Show de el Medio Dia in Channel 4 with los hermanos Vigoraux.
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Masai Green aka 'Masai Electro'
At the age of nine, Masai Electro discovered his abilities to emulate the character Darth Vader from Star Wars. He is also a big fan of any synthesized sounds, such as "The Gap Band" and "Rodger Troutman" etc. When such acts as "Doug E Fresh" and "Michael Winslow" came on the scene Masai discovered an outlet by way of using his phenomenal voice turning it into sounds.

After performing in a local Jr High School in 1985, talent. Masai then went on to open up for old school artists such as Will Smith, Biz Markie, Stetsasonic and others. All these performances lead Masai's talent to local radio and television commercials. Masai Electro made his way to New York City where he got the chance to perform on MTV and BET's 106 & Park. He also did an intro for rap artist Missy Elliot at the 2001 MTV music awards. After performing for the Neptunes and doing a duet with Rahzel, Masai was later picked up by a corporate entertainment group known as "Rhythmslam" from Los Angeles and opened up for such acts like Jermaine Dupri and Magic Johnson.
In 2006 he was selected to be included in Verizon's Beatbox Mixer, a video-game and beatbox sequencer used as a porthole to show the capabilities of hi-speed internet, along with Rahzel, Butterscotch and Click Tha Supah Latin aka Click88.
In 2008 he was had a gig with Michael Winslow and several other beatboxers at Madison Square Garden, NYC. He also performed at the NBA Allstar Game in Las Vegas.
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Baba Israel (Brooklyn, New York)
Baba Israel is a world traveled beatboxer, theatre artist, educator and the Artistic Director of Contact in Manchester, UK. Contact is a cutting edge arts venue for young people with a dynamic mix of theatre, music, spoken word, and dance.
Baba has toured as a beatboxer in Japan, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, and across the states and Europe. His beatboxing has been featured in commercials for various major brands. He was also a featured beatboxer in MTV's Made and Method Man and Redman's show Stung. He was consultant on the Verizon beatbox mixer project and the Libra Televison/BBC Education program voice song.
He has developed theatre projects using beatbox and integrates into the impro form Playback. He co-produced one of the first ever full beatbox albums "Life and Times of a Beatboxer" with Meta Bass 'n' Breath. Together with Yako 440, Baba was named in URB Magazine's prestigious NEXT 1000.
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Morganics (Sydney, Australia)
Morganics is an award winning Sydney based Hip Hop artist, performer and director. He has performed from Bondi Beach to the Bronx, the Sydney Opera House to Long Bay Jail, Tanzania to Tokyo.
As member of seminal Australian Hip Hop group MetaBass'nBreath he toured Australia, and twice to the US (1997,1998, 2006). Parallel to his career as an MC, Morganics is Australia's foremost Hip Hop Theatre practitioner. His one man Hip Hop Theatre show 'Crouching Bboy Hidden Dreadlocks” was a sell out and a critical success touring to Perth International Arts Festival, The Sydney Opera House, New York and the UK in 2006. His latest production “Survival Tactics” toured Melbourne, Brisbane and The Sydney Opera House in 2007 to critical acclaim, sold out houses and standing ovations.
Morganics has tought Hip Hop in jails, community centers and isolated Aboriginal communities all around Australia. In 2002 he released his solo album “invisible forces...” and “All You Mob!”. Recordings of your “Aboriginal Hip Hop from around Australia”. This spawned the now famous track “Down River” by The Wilcannia Mob which won the Deadly Award for “Single of the Year”. Morganics remixed the single for M.I.A.'s new album 'Kala'. His new album “Hip Hop Is My Passport” is out now. Recorded in Tanzania, Brazil, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and outback Australia it included a bonus one hour documentary DVD. Morganics is currently writing his forthcoming book “Memoirs of a Hip Hop Nomad”.
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Anthony ‘Click88’ Rivera (Los Angeles, California)
Since 1984 he’s been known mostly for beatboxing. He has also done radio at Power 106 L.A, Q104.7 Oxnard and worked for films like “8 Mile” (voice over), “She’s All That” and “Malibu’s Most Wanted”. He has had his music licensed for T.V, and has performed with Hip Hop artists like Jurassic 5, Rahzel, KRS-One, Doug E. Fresh, Rakim, Ice Cube, Xzibit, The Roots.
He has released two albums “This Iz How I Know” and “Square Won” under Wild West Recordings. Both of these were secular albums, but since coming to Christ, he has completed his 1st Holy Hip Hop album “CONTACT”, which still embodies the true sound of Hip Hop while bringing the Word. He’s also part of the crew called “G-Boy Union”. He has also been hired for various commercial projects by major brands.
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David Eaton (Manhattan, New York)
David Eaton has been the Music Director of the New York City Symphony since 1985. In addition to leading the New York City Symphony in its highly acclaimed Lincoln Center concert series at Alice Tully Hall, he has conducted the ensemble in numerous concerts at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall, the Manhattan Center, Merkin Hall, Harlem's Apollo Theater, the United Nations and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a conductor and composer he has appeared with orchestras in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, Israel, Central and South America, Russia and Ukraine. In 1998 he met Kenny Muhammad was so intrigued by his beatboxing skills that he composed “Kenny's Joy”, op. 34, the first piece for Strings and Vocal Percussion, which was performed in the same year and subsequently in 2000 at the Manhattan Center, New York.
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Curt Robinson (Buffy's Brother, New York)
Curt is the older brother of Darren "The Human Beatbox" Robinson (1967-1995), the famous rapper and beatboxer of The Fat Boys.
Curt has produced a children's song album "The Beatbox Bears - Blasting Off".
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Alex ‘Krussia’ Krush (Brooklyn, New York)
Alex "KRUSSIA" is an MC/Beatboxer from Chelyabinsk (Russia's "Detroit"), who came to New York in 2003. Since then he has worked on various projects with artists like Afu-Ra, Sean Price, C-Rayz Walz, Grand Puba, PF Cuttin. In 2007 he released the album "Making Moves" as part of a production trio "ASAP". As a solo performer he did live-shows for Nike, Tribeca Film Festival, NY1 Tv Channel, Lyricist Lounge, Beautiful Decay Magazine. He has opened up for such artists like Talib Kweli, Heltah Skeltah, Jeru The Damajah, Mario Winans etc, appeared in the documentary film "Planet B-Boy" along world famous beatboxers like Kenny Muhammad and Masai Electro. Krussia is part of the New York based instrumental band "SFE".
For the last 2 years Krussia worked with his live dj - DJ Shark (Japan). Recently Krussia won 4 awards from international film festivals for his music video of the song "F^&* That" from his solo album "I'M NOT WHITE - I'M RUSSIAN", which is due 2010 and features such artists like C-Rayz Walz, Blitz The Ambassador, Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious and Joel Ortiz.
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DJ Shark (Brooklyn, New York)
Dj Shark, born in Kyoto (Japan) could now be considered Japanese old-school. He won various championships all over Japan, among them Vestax ALL Japan DJ Competition and came in 2nd in the DMC Japan final. In 1997 Shark got an offer from TECHNICS to develop a new DJ mixer, and the result was the now famous "SH-DJ 1200", where "SH" stands for "Shark".
In 1999 he dropped his first album called “Inqbation” on Mirror Ball/RD Records. This album was selected as no. 2 on the International HipHop 2000 by Africa Bambata on Zulu Nation website. In 2001 he also released a Mix CD for Big Dada/Ninja Tune. Shark opened up for and did shows together with Dj Q-Bert, Dj Z-Trip, The Executioners, Large Pro, Dj Spinna, Boot Camp Click, KRS One. In 2002 Shark was a special guest DJ at the Techinics 30th Anniversary show in Yokohama.
Shark is currently a member of the brooklyn based hip hop crew "Sputnik Brown" and does weekly parties in New York City.
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Kid Beyond (San Francisco, California)
Singer. Beatboxer. Songwriter. Live looper. One-man vocal band. Kid Beyond loops and multi-tracks his voice on stage to create his own live backing tracks – layering his impassioned lyrics over his own beatboxing and vocal instrumentation. The result is a riveting, soulful brew of pop electronica. Kid Beyond has rocked sprawling festival crowds, huge warehouse parties, and jam-packed venues from the Fillmore to Carnegie Hall. he has shared the stage with Imogen Heap, Keane, Lyrics Born, String Cheese Incident, Spearhead, DJ Krush, BT, the RZA, Buckethead, Blackalicious, Particle, the Wailers, KRS-One, Sage Francis, Digital Underground – and in his previous career, James Brown, Ray Charles, LL Cool J, the Neville Brothers, Run-DMC, even Bill Clinton.
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Michael Holman (Manhattan, New York)
Michael Holman was born in San Francisco, but has been living and working in New York City since 1978. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of San Francisco, and attended New York University's Graduate School of Film.
Michael Holman is a filmmaker, artist, writer, and musician, based in New York City. A pioneer in the Downtown New York Art Scene and Uptown Hip Hop Scene, Holman founded the band Gray - an industrial atmospheric, noise group - with painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as created and produced the first Hip Hop television show, Graffiti Rock in 1984. Holman is a writer/director/producer/educator of film (wrote the screenplay for the Miramax film "Basquiat") television, theater (wrote and directed live stage performances for Niles Rodgers and Tommy Boy Music) and writes art criticism for British magazine, Art Monthly. Holman and original band mate Nick Taylor continue to record and perform as Gray in high end museums around the world. Holman is also a painter of splendid works on canvas, and through his revolutionary voice, vision and style, has helped set the stage for a new epoch in world culture.
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Zede (Switzerland)
Zede started beatboxing in 2000. At the age of 15 made the 9th place on the 1st Swiss Championship. He won the 2nd Swiss Championship, best show at the 3rd Swiss-Championship and was the winner of the Beatbox World Championship in Berlin in 2009.
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Alexander 'Beelow' Bülow
Founder and Organizer of the International Beatbox Championships.
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Jim 'Archangel' Wilde
Jim was the owner of and Co-Founder of the World Beatbox Association. He initially entered the scene by creating Fr-Shh (pronounced Fresh), the merchandiser for and as a moderator on the forums. In 2007, having quit his career in audio post-production, he co-organized the International Human Beatbox Convention and the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships. Later that year he bought out and the UK Championships brand, and brought all of the event, merchandise and a new bookings service, 5th Element, under the banner.
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David Kean (Calgary, Canada)
David Kean, President and Founder of The Audities Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 registered in the state of California and a charitable foundation in Alberta, Canada. Their mission is the preservation of electronic musical instruments, sound recording equipment and associated documentation for use in museums, recording studios modern instrument research and new music/dance/film works. The collection comprises over 150 instruments and spans the last 70 years of technical development.
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Gert Prix (Klagenfurt, Austria)
Gert Prix is the founder of the Eboardmuseum, which was created in 1987. Accordingly it was the first museum of its kind worldwide. Initially it became famous as KEYBOARDMUSEUM, but in order to draw a definite borderline to solely acoustic keyboards like Grand Pianos, Accordions and also the current generation of Portable Keyboards it has been renamed to EBOARDMUSEUM on the 1st of January 2003.
When the museum was founded by the Math teacher Gert Prix “we had a big discussion about analogue vs digital. No one talked about Beatboxing, at least here in Austria … More than twenty years later we had to learn that the world of music is big enough for "all best of both worlds", analogue plus digital, acoustic plus sampled sounds, purely electronic plus humanized elements like Beatboxing ….
We here at the EBOARDMUSEUM have the finest vintage musical instruments of the world , as well as new interesting stuff. So it seems to be only a matter of time untill the BEST BEATBOXER OF THE WORLD will be exhibited here at our museum. We are well prepared for this and already bought a hundred of litres of formaldehyde.”
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Nino G (Switzerland)
Nino G began his career in 1986 and revealed himself as one of the most openly creative Human Beatboxers around Switzerland. He was just 14 years old when he made his first performance on stage and was quickly recognized.
In 2003 Nino G took part of the first international Beatbox Convention in London. He preformed so well that he was automatically invited to the second Beatbox Convention held in New York City in 2004 where he represented Switzerland. He was also invited to be a jury at the German Beatbox Championship in Berlin and at the Swiss Beatbox Championship in Bienne, his hometown in Switzerland.
Presently, he follows the Jazz group tour doing shows for Reto Weber's Squeeze Band and presenting his new show with Romano Carrara “The Box”. Places of performances are New York, London, Dakar, Kinshasa, Yaounde, Timisoara, shizuoka, Tokio, Santa-Cruz, La Paz, Buenos-aires, Berlin, Frankfurt, stuttgart, Rasstat, Insbrug, Ried, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy and Switzerland.
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The son of a blues musician and pianist, Hobbit was surrounded by numerous genres of music from birth. Quickly becoming an accomplished musician in his own right, Hobbit soon found percussion to be his true calling and with his love of hip-hop, naturally gravitated towards beatboxing.
By the age of 15, Hobbit was already performing to packed venues. Rocking the mic at every given opportunity has gained Hobbit a loyal following, which has led to numerous shows and collaborations with various live acts around the UK. From one-off shows to international tours, Hobbit has performed his live show in front of crowds of over 50,000.
Hobbit has not only appeared on stage and run workshops across the world, but has also featured on numerous regional, national and international radio and TV shows. He has featured prominently in a number of advertising campaigns and made guest appearances on several albums and DVDs; even releasing his own hit DVD, Do the Beatbox. Neither has his presence gone unnoticed on the Internet, where his Top Featured Video on has to date received well over a million views worldwide. Recognition from his peers has seen Hobbit picked as the judge of the UK Beatbox Championships and the host of the International Beatbox Convention for the past two years in a row. An honor no other beatboxer has shared.
At the age of 21, this beatboxer is already 5 years deep into his career and is showing no signs of running out of breath.
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Beatbox Eliot - juicy beat entertainment
Present day beatboxing has exploded into as many directions as the eye can see and the ear can hear […]. One thing is for certain; the present day beatboxer has crafted big shoes for the future of beatbox to fill. Hats off to writer and director Klaus Schneyder for his awe-inspiring film.
David Schick –